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Swimming Pool Chemicals

Do I have to use chemicals in my swimming pool?
Yes. You require some form of sanitising agent(s)
 e.g. Chlorine, plus chemicals to maintain the pH balance.

How often should I test the water?
It is recommended to test the water daily, especially if you are a new pool owner but this could be reduced to twice a week once you get used to looking after a pool. Hot tub owners should continue to test daily.

Are there alternatives to using Chlorine?
Yes, there are many different methods of sanitising the pool water, some of which require having a dosing unit added to the system. Some methods, still require a residual amount of chlorine to be maintained in the pool and others e.g. Active Oxygen, are completely non chlorine. Please contact us to discuss the various options available.

What should my Chlorine and pH readings be?
Ideally, free Chlorine should be maintained at 1 - 3ppm, Total Chlorine at 1 – 3 ppm and pH 7.5.

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